What does ‘We’ll see’ mean, Mr. President?

Donald J. Trump is talking in a dangerous code.

The president and first lady walked out of church Sunday and received a question shouted at the president: “Are you going to attack North Korea?” the reporter asked.

Trump’s response? “We’ll see.”

That kind of non-response makes me flash back to my childhood.

I would ask Mom if she would allow me to do something: go to the park, the movies, play with some friends down the street. Or, I might ask if we were having dessert after dinner.

Mom would say “We’ll see,” which usually was her way of saying, “Yes, more than likely.”

When I hear the president of the United States answer with a “We’ll see” to a question about going to war with North Korea …

You get my drift, yes? It scares the living hell out of me!

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