POTUS’s loathsome conduct on full display

That was some performance — yes? — from the president of the United States of America.

He walked this afternoon into the Trump Tower lobby, talked a little bit about infrastructure improvement and then opened the floor up for questions from the “enemy of the people,” aka the media.

Then it got real nasty. In a major hurry. Reporters weren’t there to talk about roads and bridges. They wanted to talk about another matter that’s on the minds of millions of Americans.

Donald John Trump Sr. has motivated me to explain why I loathe this man to my core — and to his core, for that matter.

It’s not ideology, because he doesn’t have one. It’s not his partisan leaning, because he doesn’t adhere to any partisan doctrine.

It’s his conduct, his demeanor, his utter lack of dignity, his ignorance and arrogance. It’s strictly personal, dear reader.

Trump put on a disgraceful display at that Q&A with the media today. It laid bare with absolute clarity just why I stand more strongly than ever behind the view that this man is unfit for the nation’s highest office. He is unfit to be called “president.”

Trump defended his hideous initial statement about the Charlottesville riot. Then he equated the Klan/Nazi/white supremacists with those who oppose them. He attacked the media yet one more time. He took a moment to chide Sen. John McCain — a celebrated Vietnam War hero — for his vote against repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The president demonstrated clearly and without a trace of ambiguity why he is such a loathsome individual.

I won’t restate the myriad examples he provided for us while campaigning for the presidency. We’ve been down that road already.

He pledged to become more “presidential” once he was elected and getting ready to take office. He has gone in precisely the opposite direction. He has become an absolute embarrassment to the greatest nation on Earth. He has demonstrated to those of us who opposed his election precisely why we continue to detest him.

Yes, he has his supporters. I am acquainted with a number of them who live here in the Texas Panhandle, which voted overwhelmingly for his election in 2016. I choose to avoid discussing Trump with them; thus, I am not entirely certain if their faith in Trump today is as strong as it was when he took office. That’s for them to ponder.

Me? My mind was made up long before the election, let alone long before this shameful opportunist took the oath for the only public office he ever sought.

On this day, my loathing of this individual is stronger than ever.

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