Indivisible Amarillo Hosts Town Hall 2017

A town hall is a great way to interact with your elected representatives—if they hold town halls and actually listen to your concerns. Because so many people feel frustrated and left out of effective communication with their representatives, people across the country are participating in “With or Without” Town Halls where representatives, like Mac Thornberry, Ted Cruz, or John Cornyn, are invited but not expected to attend. The people who do attend—citizens who want their representatives to understand their concerns and issues—get a chance to speak out in a way that is effective and leads to action.

Indivisible Amarillo is facilitating this communication and conversation between our friends and neighbors here in the Texas Panhandle and their elected representatives using a strategy proven to make our voices heard, influence people in power, and get results. If you feel left out of the political conversation; if you feel your representatives aren’t representing you; then this is an opportunity to raise your voice in a way that you will be heard. Indivisible Amarillo will share your input with local, state, and national representatives.

The With or Without (WOW) Town Hall is Tuesday, April 18th from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (longer if needed) at the Austin Middle School Auditorium, 1808 Wimberly Rd. in Amarillo, TX. Anyone with issues, concerns, or a message for our representatives is welcome to attend and speak out. Sign up and more information at

About Indivisible Amarillo

Indivisible Amarillo is local Panhandle people using the Indivisible Guide strategy. The Indivisible Guide is a toolkit for action and advocacy created by former congressional staffers containing a proven set of best practices for facilitating communication and conversation, and influencing those in power. We use these best practices locally to put organized pressure on our own elected officials in Congress, in Texas, and in the Panhandle—to make sure they hear our concerns, understand our issues, and act on them.

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